HB9/DF4WX in InterlakenSomehow you found my homepage. I want to give you some information about me and my amateur radio activieties.

I am licensed since 1980. My first call sign with the novice license was DG1PQ. In 1983 I made my CW exam and upgraded to the full licence. The authority assigned the call sign DF4WX.

Former call signs were OE1EES when I lived in Vienna (2007...2015) and 9H3ND, which I used when I stayed on Malta. When Malta joined the CEPT agreement, I lost this call sign. Hams from CEPT countries do not get guest licenses any longer, they have to use their home call sign with the prefix 9H.

My main amateur radio activities are QSOs in CW and homebrewing of equipment. Furthermore, I am engaged in the CW-club AGCW-DL and in the German IARU club DARC.