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For fixed operation at a remote location I use a SDR (FlexRadio), connected over the internet with components of RemoteRig.

The antenna for the lower bands is a double off-center-fed dipole, 10m above ground.

  • Dipole 1 is 41 meters long and optimized for 80m and 40m-bands. It also works with reduced performance on the 20, 17, 12 and 10m-Bands.
  • Dipole 2 is about 30 meters long and optimized for the 30m-Band. It works with reduced performance on the 15m-Band. The 60m-Band is not harmonic to the 30m-Band. It works on the 60m-Band with medium SWR and needs a tuner.

The antenna for the higher bands is a Grazioli MV6. It works very well on all bands from 20m to 10m. It is also resonant on the 6m band, but in Germany vertical antennas are not allowed in this band. Furthermore, the radiator is far too long, resulting in a radiation pattern that is not suitable for DX.

For other operation I use these transceivers:

  • Xiegu X6100 SDR trx, all bands
  • Heathkit HW9A, 80m-10m including WARC
  • Elecraft KX1, homemade, 80/40/30/20m with internal tuner
  • Elecraft K1-2, homemade, 40/20m. The first one running in Europe
  • Elecraft K1-4, homemade, 40/30/20/17m
  • Elecraft K2Elecraft K2, homemade, 160m-10m including 60m with all options (ATU, Battery, replacement lid with 100W-PA, ...)
  • FT-818, 160m-70cm with CW-Filter
  • FT-857D, 160m-70cm with TCXO and CW-Filter
  • TS-480 with TCXO and CW-Filter

Important accessories are

  • External automatic ATU, weatherproof, 100W (LDG)
  • External automatic ATU, weatherproof, 600W (LDG)
  • portable VNA for Antenna measurements

And of course there is some legacy equipment, a little bit dusty but still functional:

  • A Drake line, consisting of R4C, newer version with tube mixer, CW filter bank (125/250/500Hz), T4XC and Loudspeaker with builtin Power Supply. X-Tals for the classic bands only.
  • Ten-Tec Argonaut II.
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